Plans for the summer time

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Hello everybody, the summer has come, and time to moving forward. Here is some planned changes:

Increase the number of foreign clients

Since the first quarter of this year I began to work on the UpWork. I have to note, that is good, I left the russian freelance totally now. Russian freelance is "dead". Moreover, even judging by such short period, it always has been dead. However, still have not enough number of clients. It is very distracting, come a lot of time to negotiations. But the trend is good, and I hope that everything will turn out. And to enter the top of course, there are very little money to this sweet day!

New marketplace

5th version of this site is first functional prototype which made in a rush. It's very difficult to support and change. But now I had already understand future of the site. First section which will be separated is Marketplace. Will no longer built-in PayPal processing, and basket. I works with several marketplace, some as exclusive author. Technical I find it difficult to maintain my own processing at the moment. As the main platform will be used Gumroad. When this part of work will be done, I begin to transfer other sections to the new engine. In the end, shopping will become much easier!

New kind of products

Work on UpWork show me interesting thing. In Russia I never received offers for develop scripts for graphic software (such Photoshop/Illustrator). But UpWork changed my mind! May be I something I can make for public in this direction. Or even come up with something else)

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