Marxco Icons CS 1.5 is here!

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While Marxco is still far from public release, Marxco Icons CS 1.5 is here and publicly shared!😃
It's custom web-font with the taste of FontAwesome and compiled with Node.js and Gulp.

How to?

All icons are provided in common font formats and ready to use with your code and injected icons.css from public directory.


But if you're planning to make some changes:

  1. You need to install Node.js.
  2. You need to install Yarn.
  3. You need to install Gulp.
  4. Clone this repository to local.
  5. Run terminal, set current dir to the path of your local repository.
  6. Run yarn install and wait for finished of instllation all dependencies.
  7. Run gulp clean-names to remove unicode prefixes from filenames.
  8. Run gulp organize to move all svg files from src\icons to related sub-deirectories, based on their prefixes.
  9. Run gulp unicodify to add unicode prefixes to filenames, base of icRanges array from gulpfile.js.
  10. Run gulp generation to rewrite all templates, generate fonts and css files.

If you want, you also could use gulp layout, this task will create HTML files with cheatsheet as presented here.

Supported prefixes by default:

logo-, badge-, social-, finance-, market-, grafx-, 3d-, doc-, software-, lic-, dev-, polit-, cult-, gem-. Any other prefixes and filenames will be precced as miscellaneous icons.

If you found an error, highlight it and press Shift + Enter or click here to inform us.

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